Trees That Restore Barren Land

There are trees called ‘fertilizer trees’ that make it possible to restore the degraded lands of the earth, even in areas of drought. Trees for the Future well understands the strength, versatility and vital contributions these trees have to offer damaged ecosystems. Since 1989 they have, by partnering with communities, planted over 155 million fertilizer trees as the foundation of projects that have collectively improved the soil and fertility of thousands of acres of land. Fertilizer trees are naturalized trees, so not invasive, that are planted first in a degraded area to start the process of rehabilitating the ecosystem. The trees are planted just before the rainy season and can grow up

How Fast Can Trees Be Planted?

India Holds the World Record – 66 Million Trees in 1 Day Restoring the degraded lands of the earth by planting trees may sound impossible until you put it into perspective. It is inspiring to learn of the communities around the world planting trees at a surprising rate. It is also clear that when tree planting takes root as a tradition and becomes part of the culture, people can come together and achieve astounding results, creating safer, more resilient and resource rich communities for generations to come. India shines as the world leader in tree planting with the astonishing example of 1.5 million volunteers coming together to plant 66 million trees in one day. On July 11th 2016, tree pla

Anyone Can Plant Trees

It is true that anyone can plant trees. No matter the age, race, religion, or circumstances, tree planting stretches across the vast variety of human experience bettering all life. It is equally true that trees can be planted almost anywhere in the world, even in the desert, with the right planting practices. The following is an account of several inspiring and surprising tree planters and the miraculous results of their efforts. Saving His Island With Trees What does one do when the river island their family has lived on for generations is eroding into the rushing waters? In the past 37 years, Jadav Payeng has successfully saved a part of his island from erosion by planting a forest that ha

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